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Construction equipment and skid steer at W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd. Airdrie covered in snow, ready for the rest of winter.

Whether you have projects on the go for winter or your next gig won’t start till the snow melts, your construction equipment requires special care come the cold season. Edmonton, which is served by W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd is known for abrasive winters that can rough up or even ruin industrial equipment. Here’s a guide to keeping things running smoothly.

Fuel System

Using quality fuel is the first step, as cold weather will exacerbate issues related to poor fuel quality. Water or other contaminants can hurt the fuel injection system. To ensure that the differences in temperature and pressure are accounted for in the cold weather conditions, use winter-grade fuel to avoid the liquid fuel from vaporizing. In addition, you should do regular checks to ensure the fuel tank cap is clean and working properly and that the fuel filter is in good condition.

Engine Oils

Always use the oil suggested within the owner’s manual and strictly follow the recommended oil change schedule. Oil is the lifeblood of the engine and keeps components protected and functioning properly.

Air Filtration System

Follow the recommended schedule for air filter changes provided within the owner’s manual. Always use the specified replacement filter. You should also regularly check the system for gaps that could lead to unfiltered air being brought into the engine and other potential defects.

Cooling System

Coolant protects, lubricates and keeps components functioning properly. It also keeps parts from freezing. Like engine oil, this fluid needs to regularly be changed or “flushed” to keep performing at its best. Follow the schedule outlined in the owner’s manual. Additionally, you should regularly check the cooling system to ensure components such as coolant reservoir and hoses are in good condition.


Check the battery for wear and corrosion, and ensure that it can operate at 100 percent output. Once you’ve determined you have a healthy battery, you’ll need to keep it at capacity by using the equipment regularly and allowing it to fully charge—no quick starts and stops—before turning off the engine. Alternatively, if you won’t be using the equipment for some time it’s best to keep the battery indoors at room temperature and charged via the use of a battery maintainer.


Mud, snow and other debris should be cleared from the undercarriage on a daily basis. Regularly inspect this part of equipment for loose or worn parts and correct track tensioning.


Keep tires inflated and inspect them regularly for uneven tread, debris, cracks, and other wear and tear. Replace as needed.


Not every piece of construction equipment has accessories but those that do require additional inspections. Skid steer attachments are common in Edmonton as they’re frequently used for clearing snow. Regularly ensure that cylinders, hoses, guards, blades and other components are in good working order.

The Construction Equipment You Need

W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd provides clients Edmonton the industrial equipment parts, repairs, and machines they require to get the job done. Contact us today with any questions or to find out more about our services.