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If you’re running a business, you always have to walk a line between providing the best product or service, and providing that product or service at a price that makes you money. When it comes to the construction business, whether to buy new or used equipment can have a big impact on both your bottom line and the efficiency and effectiveness of your workers. At W. R. Scott Equipment Ltd., we provide both new and used construction equipment to those in the Edmonton area. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of buying new versus buying used construction equipment.

New equipment
There’s a lot to be said for simply purchasing a new piece of heavy machinery. When you buy new, for example, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Your machine will be in factory-new condition and come with a warranty from the manufacturer that ensures that any mechanical failure will be dealt with. The machine will be free of potentially unwise modifications to it and you’ll have total control over how your equipment is maintained.

At the same time, buying new equipment is significantly more expensive than buying used. What’s more, the re-sale value of construction equipment typically drops after the first year of use. This means that even if you maintain your equipment perfectly, you’ll still see a weighty amount of depreciation.

Used construction equipment is the smarter choice when looking for a deal
Used equipment can sometimes be a gamble. However, if you make smart decisions when buying your used equipment, you can get decent machines at a much cheaper price than if you bought them new. After the initial and inevitable drop in value after its first year in use, a piece of heavy machinery’s re-sale price is largely tied to the usage and the way in which it was maintained. If properly cared for, some used construction equipment can last and maintain a steady re-sale price.

Another benefit to buying used equipment is the speed at which you can get it. The Edmonton construction scene is competitive, so if you need a piece of equipment, you probably need it right away. When buying new, you may have to wait before your machine is delivered. With used equipment, however, you can inspect the machine generally take the delivery quickly.

Where can I find new and used construction equipment?
At W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd. in Edmonton, we sell both new and used construction equipment. Contact us today to find out more about which option is right for you.