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Rent a Mini Excavator in Edmonton

Mini Excavators are popular machines because of their versatility, with many uses for small to medium construction jobs such as repair of sewer lines and demolition jobs. They have a small footprint but are very powerful and can manage those tough tasks.

When renting, you can choose different machines for each site depending on what you need to accomplish.

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Mini Excavator in Edmonton

Compact and Efficient Machines

You might feel wary about using a mini excavator in your work zone, especially because of the name. Regardless of its size, however, a mini excavator is just as powerful as a traditional excavator. This vehicle also fits into incredibly small or tight spaces, which makes the machine optimal for more cramped work sites. The device weighs anywhere from 1,400 to 17,000 pounds, yet it’s more versatile than regular diggers. Mini excavators offer a number of additional benefits including:

  • Easy transport
  • Greater dumping height
  • Less damage
  • Less noise

Not sure what kind of equipment your project requires? Look to our knowledgeable staff for assistance. We’ll help you choose the machinery that suits your enterprise.

Reliable Staff Since 1967

With over 100 years of joined expertise in the construction equipment industry, our staff at W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd. strives to give you dependable service. We provide business owners and other commercial industries with durable equipment they can rely on. When you work with our experienced team you receive a number of benefits, such as advice and equipment insight.

We work to meet your needs and satisfaction. Don’t rent or purchase your construction equipment with just anyone. Put our service to the test and let us help you discover the right equipment for your worksite.

Are you ready to find a mini excavator for your business? Call us at 780-440-4040 today, or stop by our storefront to speak with one of our staff members.


Contact our rental department at 780-440-4040 for our current rates.

Our Inventory

Mustang 170Z

• Net Power (kW) @rpm: 14.5 hp (10.8) @ 2400
• Max Digging Depth (ft): 7’ 2.6”
• Operating Weight with Canopy: 3836 lbs

Mustang 350Z

• Net Power (kW) @rpm: 23.9 hp (17.8) @ 2200
• Max Digging Depth (ft): 11’ 6”
• Operating Weight with Canopy: 7,905 lbs
• Operating weight with Cab: 8,214 lbs
• Enclosed Cab and Canopy models

Mustang 550Z

• Net Power (kW) @rpm: 44.9 hp (33.5) @ 2400
• Max Digging Depth (ft): 12' 9.5"
• Operating Weight with Cab: 12247 lbs.
• Enclosed Cab

GEHL 8003

• Net Power: 58.5 hp
• Max Digging Depth (ft): 15.25’
• Operating Weight with Cab: 17600 lbs

Serving Your Construction Equipment Needs in Edmonton