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Skid Steers for Rent

Skid steers, also known as bobcats or skid loaders, give you a maneuverable, agile, and compact solution when you need to dig a hole or move a mound of material. They offer an advantage over the typical excavator in that they allow you to dig a hole from the inside or dig understructures with low overhead clearance. If you need to rent skid steers in Edmonton and surrounding areas, turn to us.

Since 1967, W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd. has served the community with a variety of equipment rentals, including skid steers. Our company has over five decades of experience, so you can count on us to provide a reliable rental product. Your satisfaction matters more to us than anything else.

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Skid Steers snow cleaning

Learn More About Skid Steer Rentals

We feature heavy-duty machines from trusted manufacturers such as Mustang® by Manitou. These brands make their equipment especially powerful, and that power means you can use your skid steer to handle even tough or extensive projects.

Rather than hire additional staff, why not look for skid steer rentals? When you rent a durable piece of construction equipment, you choose a machine that can fulfill even your most ambitious building ventures. At W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd., you can look through a wide selection of skid steer machinery that fits your company’s needs.

Our rental rates come in daily, weekly, and four-week options. The longer you rent your vehicle, the less expensive the cost per day. So if you have a longer project in mind, you’ll save money in the long run when you rent with us. We also keep our daily rates affordable.

Have a look at the two tables below to see our rates. Note that we also offer track skid steer loaders for your convenience. We also carry skid steers in several sizes to ensure you receive a rental that fits your needs.

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Call us so we can help you select the right equipment for your project. Whether you need a track or regular skid steers, W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd. can connect you with a durable and functional rental.


Rental rates are effective October 1, 2019.

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Our Inventory

2012 Skidsteer

Net Power: 24 hp
Width: 42”
Operating Weight: 2980 lbs
Bucket Size: 44”

1350R Skidsteer

Gross Power: 46.3 hp
Width: 53.7”
Operating Weight: 5130 lbs
Operating Capacity: 1350 lbs
Bucket Size 54”

1500R Skidsteer

Gross Power: 46.3 hp
Width: 63.2”
Operating Weight: 5930 lbs
Operating Capacity: 1500 lbs
Bucket Size: 66”

1650R Skidsteer

Gross Power: 69.9 hp
Width: 63.2”
Operating Weight: 6165 lbs
Operating Capacity: 1650 lbs
Bucket Size: 66”

1900R Skidsteer

Gross Power: 69.3 hp
Width: 64.5”
Operating Weight: 6880 lbs
Operating Capacity: 1900 lbs
Bucket Size: 66”

2600R Skidsteer

Gross Power: 72 hp
Width: 65.5”
Operating Weight: 8200 lbs
Operating Capacity: 2600 lbs
Bucket Size: 70”

2700V Skidsteer

Gross Power: 72 hp
Width: 69.5”
Operating Weight: 8150 lbs
Operating Capacity: 2700 lbs
Bucket Size: 70”

4000V Skidsteer

Net Power: 99 hp
Width: 79.5”
Operating Weight: 11,100 lbs
Operating Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Bucket Size: 84”

Serving Your Construction Equipment Needs in Edmonton