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Compact Track Loader Rentals in Edmonton

When you begin a construction job or building project, you need the proper tools, crew, and resources to finish the venture successfully. But depending on how big the job is, you also need heavy-duty equipment and machinery to collect and dispose of any materials.

Look to W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd. for all of your construction and renovation enterprises, including track loaders. We provide you with the track loaders your business needs to finish your work in a timely manner.

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skid steer loaders

Durable Track Loaders

Businesses want equipment that gets the job done. Don’t settle for just any machine to clear away wreckage or debris. Choose a sturdy track loader to accomplish the following

  • Dig and fill holes, foundations, and trenches
  • Fulfill general landscaping
  • Collect and transport heavy or sharp objects

Bring Other Materials to Your Location

Additionally, loaders allow you to transfer materials such as snow, dirt, or demolition debris away from your dig site. They also let you bring other materials to your location, including:

  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Logs
  • Rocks
  • Sand
  • Woodchips and mulch

Additionally, this type of loader doesn’t use wheels to maneuver around. It operates via a rotating track on each side of the vehicle. These tracks allow the loader to move more easily between your location and other areas.

Dependable and Experienced Staff

Since 1967, W.R. Scott Equipment Ltd. has provided the commercial and business communities with the reliable equipment each requires. Our knowledgeable and committed staff members strive to provide you with quality service and machinery that suits your various projects.

Our team’s experience in the construction industry allows us to offer you professional advice. We’ll listen to your needs and concerns to better recommend the appropriate loaders for your current undertaking.

Not sure which machinery best suits your needs? Contact our rental department at 780-440-4040 for our current rates or fill out the form at the bottom of our contact page.


Contact our rental department at 780-440-4040 for our current rates.

Our Inventory

Terex R07T

Net Power 32.7 hp
Width 48”
Operating Weight: 3600 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 35% : 665 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 50%: 950 lbs
Bucket Size: 48”

Mustang 2150RT

Net Power 72 hp
Width 69.5”
Operating Weight: 9900 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 35%: 2150 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 50%: 3072 lbs
Bucket Size: 72”

Mustang 2500RT

Net Power 74.3 hp
Width 69.5”
Operating Weight: 11470 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 35%: 2500 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 50%: 3571 lbs
Bucket Size 76”

Mustang 3200VT

Net Power 114 hp
Width 69.5”
Operating Weight: 11610 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 35% 3200 lbs
Operating Capacity @ 50% 4571 lbs
Bucket Size 80”

Serving Your Construction Equipment Needs in Edmonton